New Beginnings

"I believe, help my unbelief!" Those could be our words every day, especially in this time of daily fear and uncertainty. Is today the day that I will begin showing symptoms of the Covid-19 virus? Every day we ask God to help our unbelief, the attacks of fear and uncertainty in our lives. And every …

Take hold of your life!

I woke up this morning with a song that I kept singing quietly all morning: Κράτησα τη ζωή μου κράτησα τη ζωή μου ταξιδεύοντας ανάμεσα στα κίτρινα δέντρα κατά το πλάγιασμα της βροχής σε σιωπηλές πλαγιές φορτωμένες με τα φύλλα της οξιάς, καμιά φωτιά στην κορυφή τους˙ βραδιάζει. The very first line is the hardest to translate, for me at …

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I’m taking a break from my daily Lenten reflections. Today’s reading of Genesis 22:1-18 is the story of Abraham’s “sacrifice” of his son, Isaac. Instead of my own thoughts, I’m re-posting the blog that my friend Mike Mair posted on this passage a month ago. He uses a different translation of the Bible than what I use, but he has some excellent thoughts on this crucial story from Genesis.

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This blog has been following the book of Genesis and the Gospel of Mark since the new year. Previous posts can be found in my archives.

GENESIS 22 (from the Schocken Bible)

rembrandt rembrandt

Now after these events it was

that God tested Avraham

and said to him:


He said:

Here I am.

He  said:

Pray take your son,

your only one,

whom you love,


and go-you-forth to the land of Morriya / Seeing

and offer him up there as an offering-up

upon one of the mountains

that I will tell you of.

Avraham started early in the morning,

he saddled his donkey

and took his two serving lads with him and Yitzhak his son

he split wood for the offering-up

and arose and went to the place that God has told him of.

On the third day Avraham lifted his eyes

and saw the place from afar.

Avraham said…

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