A Blessed Day

Today is Good Friday for all Christians except for us Orthodox, who, for complicated calendar and moon issues, once again are out of step with everyone else and observe Great and Holy Friday next week. Tonight is also the beginning of Passover, so our Catholic and Protestant brothers and sisters are able to meditate on the historic link between these great and holy days. May all our fellow Christians and our Jewish brothers and sisters enter deeply into the meaning of God’s greatest acts of deliverance. May we all be inspired to join God in the unending and continuing work of deliverance from the oppression of personal and systemic evil.

Giles Fraser is a columnist for the Guardian newspaper of London, and he writes regularly on religion. He is Anglican, but writes from a broadly ecumenical perspective. His column in today’s Guardian is an interesting and unconventional meditation on the meaning of Good Friday. But unconventional is precisely how Christians need to be in this age of conformity to the powers: Christianity, when properly understood, is a religion of losers.

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