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“You should never be a bystander”

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While all the American “news channels” spent the morning covering the non-blizzard of New York-New Jersey, BBC World News immersed the viewer in complete live coverage of the Auschwitz ceremony commemorating the 70th anniversary of the liberation of that awful death camp by the Soviet army.

Several survivors spoke, including Roman Kent who spoke passionately against anti-Semitism and all racism. “We don’t want our past to be our children’s future,” he said with tears.

As he came to the end of his remarks, he proposed the addition of an Eleventh Commandment: “You should never, never, be a bystander!”

One thought on ““You should never be a bystander”

  1. Unfortunately, one speaker from New York, who was not a survivor, chose to use his time on the podium to make political statements about the State of Israel and throw out several accusations. His tone was very different from the other speakers. I found it quite unfortunate and inappropriate.

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